Planreal offers professional services in the areas of biological soil and groundwater remediation, land management, depth profile measurements, methodical laboratory analyses, water sampling and permanent monitoring of groundwater monitoring wells.

In addition to our specific environmental products, our services are an integral part of our core business, which we continuously optimize and expand.

Soil & Groundwater Remediation

Planreal offers intelligent biological soil and groundwater remediation, as well as feasibility studies for contaminated land and sites. In addition to the remediation itself, our services include water sampling, permanent monitoring of groundwater monitoring wells, regulatory and legal affairs regarding implementation and environmental regulations, comprehensive analysis and risk assessment, as well as planning and consulting for sustainable optimal value creation.


Planreal offers intelligent solutions for maximizing profits and creating optimal value on contaminated sites. Contaminated land has great potential for value creation. In close cooperation with our client, we design individual solution approaches to find the optimal land use option after bioremediation.

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