With our biological products and active substances, different pollutants in soil and groundwater can be treated. We advise you individually in the selection of suitable processes together with our international network of experts.


ONE® (Oil-Nutrient-Emulsion) is a special combination of active ingredients used as an electron donor for the microbial in-situ degradation of chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHCs) in combination with RedoxPrep®.

Through preceding laboratory experiments, ONE® is individually tailored to the local geology, hydrogeology, and contaminant mix.

Even at sites with an aerobic aquifer, the combination of ONE®/RedoxPrep® can rapidly establish the anaerobic groundwater environment necessary for microbial CHC degradation.

Thus, ONE® can be utilized to create a defined and stable dimensioning of an in-situ bioreactor without the long-term migration of active ingredients in the direction of groundwater flow.

ONE Technology


This modified technique by Planreal enables the determination of a detailed depth profile of various biogeochemical parameters (BGP) within a single groundwater well.

Through a specific lowering procedure, parameters such as dissolved oxygen, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), conductivity, pH value, and temperature are continuously recorded automatically across the entire well profile.

The depth-specific determination of BGPs provides initial indications of microbial activities in the groundwater aquifer and potential disturbances in different zones.

All measured parameters are subsequently evaluated and graphically represented using Planreal's KAIRO analysis software (Kinetic Analyses of In-situ Remediating Organisms).

FP600 Depth Profile Technology


The Bioclean Technology is primarily employed at sites contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHCs) where there is evidently a lack of contaminant degrading microorganisms in the aquifer or where such degradation is incomplete i.e. accumulation of cis dichloroethene (cis-DCE) or Vinylchloride (VC).

In combination with ONE® and Redoxprep®, microbial consortia can be introduced into the groundwater aquifer and optimally distributed to achieve complete in-situ dechlorination to CO2.

This method enables an in-situ microbial remediation of contaminants that can be carried out rapidly and efficiently without disrupting ongoing operations at the site. The entire process is monitored regularly, thus undergoing continuous quality control assessments.

BioClean Technology

FROG - Technology

FROG®s (Filter for the Recovery of Organisms from Groundwater) are passive samplers with an inert large surface area for the collection of representative local microorganisms under in-situ conditions from groundwater monitoring wells developed in collaboration with King's College London.

FROG®s can be used as a substitute for soil samples, as at many sites, although groundwater monitoring wells are present, contaminated soil material from the deeper aquifer is not available for laboratory analysis.

FROG®s can be installed in any conventional monitoring well.

Filter for the Recovery of Organisms from Groundwater - FROG Technology